5 New Ideas to Help Finance your Renovation Project (from Wells Fargo Bank)

Found some great advice about financing a home renovation (note: we are not affiliated with Wells Fargo):

  • you’ve got options that are a much lower rate than your visa
  • build the cost of reno’s into your initial purchase price and plan a higher mortgage to cover the additional expenses
  • interest rates are low: evaluate looking at refinancing your home and including the cost of renovation project
  • have your home checked out by a licensed inspector to ensure that you don’t have any other surprises that might need repair.
  • hire a licensed, insured contractor to complete the work – Lenders want to ensure that they are financing work that will improve the value of your home so don’t DIY unless you have a strong background to complete the project to a high standard.


We also shared an article last year about planning renovations into your home maintenance budget.  Your cost of ownership requires that plan each month to cover off general maintenance and the odd major failure.  You should also consider the best ROI on your renovation investments.

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