indoor_outdoor maintenance

Major Home Maintenance Cycles – helping you budget for home renovations

I wrote an article a couple months ago about Home Renovation lessons learned from 30 years of owning a home.  One of the key lessons involved planning larger renovations around home maintenance projects.  The goal of this post is to lay out typical ... [Continue Reading]

man installing tile

#Tile #Installation #Industry #Associations- Summary and Links

Tile industry associations generally govern porcelain tile, ceramic tile, and resilient tile installation.  In some cases they also oversee marble and natural stone tile installation as well.  These associations drive standards and change in industry ... [Continue Reading]

wood flooring installation

Wood Flooring Associations and Links

Hardwood Flooring Associations generally govern laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, bamboo, cork and other exotic wood flooring installation.  These associations drive standards and change in industry and members tend to network and attend ... [Continue Reading]

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