Better Sales in 2015? Here’s 6 tips for improvement

Contractors – how were your sales in 2014?  Check out 6 “Power Tips” in a video from our friends at Remodeler’s Advantage for some ideas on how to improve your business in 2015 (summarized below).

  1. First Impressions – you have 3 seconds to make a good first impression – be on time, make eye contact, show up prepared etc.
  2. Ask open ended questions – engage in discussion by asking questions (what, when, why, how) to understand their needs
  3. Determine a budget early (if possible)
  4. Create a range (upper and lower limit) if they aren’t sure on their budget.  This will help you manage their expectations of what is possible
  5. Plan for objections and common questions.  Practice responses and you’ll get better when you hear them next time.
  6. Ask for a decision.  If your customer isn’t ready to make one, you can take the opportunity to find out if they have other questions or better understand what might be holding them back from making a decision.

I would add a 7th key tip  in that at the end of your sales call or visit, you should be “closing the next step.”  Home renovations are big decisions with longer sales cycles  - so if your customer isn’t ready to move forward right away, ask to set a time or date for a follow-up call or a discussion around an estimate.  You can use your next meeting to move closer to making their remodeling dreams a reality.

**  Remodelers Advantage is dedicated solely to helping professional remodeling contractors grow ever-more successful while creating a working environment that also allows them to lead more balanced and satisfying lives. Founded in 1982 by industry guru, Linda Case, Remodelers Advantage has grown into an international resource for remodelers and renovators across the United States and Canada. Now, the company is guided by nationally recognized remodeling industry authority Victoria Downing, along with a team of dedicated professionals.  

Information presented in this post are shared for your benefit but are the 6 tips  are  the work and thoughts of Remodelers Advantage – check out their website for more information

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