Home Renovation: 5 tips on how to measure your room(s) for wood flooring or tiles

If you don’t have a professional installer to help measure your space, don't be afraid to set a budget with your own measuring tape.  Here are 5 tips to help you complete your measurements so that you can order the correct amount of material for your ... [Continue Reading]

tile installer

5 Tips to Help Fund a Home Remodelling Project

A home renovation project may be one of the largest investments you will make in a lifetime.  It is hard to determine the best advice for everyone because your personal financial situation will vary as much as the project you would like to complete.  ... [Continue Reading]


Design Inspiration is Everywhere: but here are a few sites that do the best job curating renovation ideas

Homeowners are becoming more educated around all facets of home renovation and remodeling projects.  Between Home Renovation TV shows, websites, architectural and design websites and social sharing apps, there are so many options to help you find the ... [Continue Reading]

Checklist Image

Renovation Checklist and Tracking for a Flooring, Tile or Decking Project has released a checklist that helps to guide you through the home renovation process.  Print out our Project Checklist [PDF] which breaks down the * middle phases * of a Flooring, Tile or Decking project so that you can keep on top ... [Continue Reading]

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6 Tips for Better Photos of your – #tt – Home Renovation

Half the fun of a home renovation is getting to track the results of your efforts.  Documenting your progress with your cell phone camera might be the easiest way to get started but here are a few more tips to help ensure you get the best pictures ... [Continue Reading]

wood flooring sins

Check out “5 Sins of Hardwood Flooring Installations” by Hardwood Flooring Magazine

This excellent article from Hardwood Flooring Magazine identifies some of the most common installation issues with wood flooring projects.  Any of these 'sins' can result in floor failure and expensive repairs: >> Read the full article ... [Continue Reading]

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