How to Choose a TopInstaller

Hiring a contractor to complete your home renovation project is an important decision. Fortunately, we have some tools and tips to help you find a Top Installer:

Step 1: Search for installers in your area

You can find certified installers on using local search tools, or search national or state association directories. Check out our Resources link to find associations in your renovation category.

Step 2: Shortlist and get estimates from 3 different companies.

Top installers will address your key priorities. Determine your key priorities: price, availability, state licenses, certification, insurance and strong references tend to be the most important factors in finding a Top Installer. Request bids (in writing) from 3 installers and use this as an opportunity to review their communication, timing and professionalism. Ask questions to ensure you both understand the scope of your project.

Step 3: Rank, choose, confirm availability and hire the Top Installer

Top installers turn around quotes/ estimates quickly and clearly communicate their plan, key challenges and all costs associated with your project. Quotes should include similar specifications, labor, any materials or supplies provided by the installer, and clear project timing.

Top installers have very clear payment terms with clear milestones. The best installers won’t necessarily offer the lowest bid and installation prices vary by region, product, and by experience/ reputation. Price is also influenced by how easily an installer can schedule your project with his team.

Step 4: Set up daily updates and communicate with your contractor

Top Installers document site conditions before they start the installation. For example, a flooring installer will confirm floor condition and challenges, relative humidity, and moisture content of the wood. Documenting the acclimatization procedure of your new floor is important information for any warranty work.

Top Installers review their team’s work with you to address any concerns before accepting milestones or final payments. If everything meets with your approval, this is a great time to rate and review your installers’ work on to help others find a similar experience.

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We are establishing a network of quality local installers at and plan to have a national directory by 2014.  Note that we are note directly affiliated with any of the installers on the site so do your due diligence.  Please share your installation experience by using the comments or rating tools on your installer’s profile.

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