Why Should Consumers Trust TopInstallers.com?

We are here to improve the customer experience and lower risks of home renovation projects:

  • improve the customer experience by connecting them to quality local installers.
  • improve the customer experience by sharing industry best practices with installer members.
  • improve the customer experience by aligning installer and consumer expectations when they embark on a home renovation project.

Check out our article on How to Choose a Top Installer and our Project Checklist to get your renovation started.

  1. There are quality, trusted installers in your area – it’s our job to provide the tools to help you find them, hire them, and ultimately share a positive outcome of your project.  Our goal is to grow our comment and rating tools into the premiere crowd-sourced installer portal on the web.
  2. We don’t charge for placement on our site –  we believe that a quality installer is determined by some core traits including: online reputation, experience, license/insurance/association status, training, and ratings so our site has been developed to rank accordingly.
  3. Every client interaction should be treated as a potential reference – while a positive comment or review help share a strong experience, we know that home renovation projects can be challenging.  It is what an installer does in a challenging situation that will define them.  We encourage installer members to be more transparent with their customers and help turn potential negative situations into a positive customer experience.

Note: TopInstallers.com is an educational resource and directory service, but we are not directly affiliated with the installers listed on our site.  Conduct your own due diligence before hiring any installer. 

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