Great Article about Leads Flowing into Contracting Businesses

For contractors, one of the most important determinants of businesses success happens long before they enter your home to work on your project.  Building trust starts before any work order is approved so understanding how customers make decisions is so important .   The terms “lead flow” and “pipeline” are popular in the construction business (and most other industries with longer sales cycles) because how a contractor works with incoming leads will often reveal the maturity of their business.

If you are on the customer side of the equation look for strong communication at this phase – it is so important for any contractor to ask the right questions to help ‘qualify’ you and ensure there is a match between their abilities and your renovation expectations.

Remodellers Advantage has a great article about leads and graduating customers as they go from the research phase into being ready to purchase.  Sometimes this process can take 3-18 months so contractors will need to know whether they are giving out early advice, or suggesting a solution to the last roadblock stopping you from moving forward with your project.

The best contractors will have leads flowing into their businesses from a number of sources and each may attract buyers with different timelines.

  • SEO and website traffic
  • word of mouth from past customers
  • trade shows or direct mail campaigns
  • other marketing activities

The  best businesses categorize these customers and have respective follow-up plans that will best meet their needs.

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