Wood Flooring Associations and Links

Hardwood Flooring Associations generally govern laminate, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, bamboo, cork and other exotic wood flooring installation.  These associations drive standards and change in industry and members tend to network and attend events to keep current with flooring trends.   Consumers should also check to ensure installers are:


Assn. Association Name Region Cat: Total Installers Notes:
NWFA National Wood Flooring Association US 1600 NWFA Cert. Program – Wood Flooring Expo April 2-5;
INSTALL International Standards and Training Alliance Nat 400 carpet, hardwood, tile and stone
FCICA Flooring Contractors Association US 150 Flooring Installers, 500-950 memberships
NALFA North American Laminate Flooring Association Nat 200 90% Inspectors
WFCA World Floor Covering Association Nat 200 90% Inspectors
CFI Installers Certified Flooring Installers Nat no public list 2 yr cert. for residential, Trained 40,000 installers since 1993;  Search over 30 local regions
CTCNC Carpenters Training Committee for Northern California  US 500 Labour Union (UBC) and Training


***Note re: Some of these Associations Certify Flooring Inspectors

3rd party inspectors can help ensure your home surfaces are properly prepared or determine why a product or installation failed.  Their reports are very typically required in a manufacturer, installer or insurance claim.  >> Find out more


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