Renovation Checklist and Tracking for a Flooring, Tile or Decking Project has released a checklist that helps to guide you through the home renovation process.  Print out our Project Checklist [PDF] which breaks down the * middle phases * of a Flooring, Tile or Decking project so that you can keep on top of all the moving pieces.   For the purpose of this article, the main phases of home improvement projects are:

  1. Planning and Design – define the project budget, timing and desired outcomes
  2. Researching Product – measure, online vs retail purchase
  3. * Researching Installers and Contractors – directories, reviews and ratings, licenses
  4. * Shortlist and Hire Installers and Contractors – get to a signed contract
  5. * Project Tracking – milestones and quality control
  6. * Project Close – inspect, approve and release final payment
  7. Post project follow-up – contractor review, warranty work etc.

If you hire an interior design professional or general contractor at the first phase, they can help you to take care of the remaining steps…but otherwise, you’ll be responsible for defining the project, finding talented installers, and purchasing quality building materials.

Our Project Tracking Checklist is one of the many resources on the Installer Insights blog.  If you are just getting started, check out our articles on How to Choose a TopInstaller and Who is Responsible for Renovation Issues for more information.

We’d also love to hear your feedback below.  Happy installing :)


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