Who is responsible for renovation issues?

This article offers some advice on who is involved and how to solve potential installation problems.  We’ll outline all the stakeholders – work with your installer, retailer, delivery company and product manufacturer to solve any issues that may arise.

Who’s involved?  Retailer/Manufacturer, Delivery Company, Installer, General Contractor, Insurance Company, Inspectors and YOU!

Improper Project Planning and Preparation

Your installer is your teammate for any home renovation project.   Ensure that you choose the correct teammate and understand the goals and expected outcomes of the project.  Your installer should explain all of the risks, potential challenges and expected milestones before you start.   If you are working with a general contractor or interior decorator, they should work directly with installers to solve any problems (on your behalf).

Check out our article on “Choosing a Top Installer” for some other tips when working with professional contractors.

Improper Site and Product Preparation

Site preparation and product acclimatization or preparation procedures vary by product but your installer should document everything necessary at the beginning of the project.  For example wood flooring projects involve documenting current floor condition, room temperature, relative humidity, and moisture content of the wood they are installing.  Local installers will know the environmental challenges of your location whether it’s heat, sun exposure, humidity or altitude.  Documentation or pictures at this point will help with warranty, installation or insurance claims later on.

Product Issues

For most product issues, you should work with the product supplier (either the retailer or manufacturer) to resolve.  Before installing, ensure that your product specifications match your application.  It might cost a bit more per square foot to move up to a higher quality product, but in return, you can expect better manufacturing tolerances, product installation specifications better suited to any challenges identified with your installation, and better wear results.

There are very clear expenses involved in manufacturing higher grade building supplies and while they can lead to a higher initial cost/sq. ft., they can be a better long term investment.  Typical product issues

  • Product Breakage (during transit or during installation)
  • Color match or finish issues
  • Product Defects – scratches, chips, dings, alignment issues etc.
  • Delivery / Timing issues – work directly with the delivery company or through your supplier to solve delivery problems.
  • Ensure that you product delivery is insured and ask about their standard claims process if there are delays or shipping damage.

Installation Issues

Ensure that your Installer carries insurance and a bond to cover installation deficiencies.  Work with your installer to answer each of your concerns or if there are any errors or defects caused by installation.  If you can’t come to an agreement on the nature of the problem, work out an arrangement with your installer and supplier to bring in a certified third party inspector (from a nationally recognized association – see our resources page for more information).  The inspector can review the details of the case, determine the root cause of the problems and it will be easier to negotiate a solution with more complete, unbiased information.

Damages from Use, Fire or Flood

Protect your investment.  Contact your home insurance company to ensure you are covered for damages related to Fire or Flood. Policies vary by region, company and depending on the coverage you have purchased.

Note: TopInstallers.com is an educational resource and directory service, but we are not directly affiliated with any of the installers on our site.  Conduct your own due diligence before hiring any installer.  Check out “How to Choose a TopInstaller” for more information.

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